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Welcome to Optos Virtual Showroom!

Optos was founded in 1992 by Douglas Anderson after his young son lost vision in one eye. His vision loss was due to a retinal detachment that went undetected despite routine eye exams. Anderson envisioned a patient-friendly device to quickly image the entire retina.

Today, optomap is used in nearly 20,000 locations globally and offers single-capture, ultra-widefield retinal images of unrivaled clarity. optomap shows up to 82% (200°) of the retina in a single-capture and is helpful for finding, documenting, and managing pathology. The clinical value and practice benefits of optomap are documented by more than 1,000 peer-reviewed articles.

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Silverstone, the most powerful tool yet for examining the retina, is the only ultra-widefield imaging device with integrated swept source OCT. Silverstone produces a 200° single-capture retinal image of unrivaled clarity in less than a half-second and enables optomap-guided OCT scanning across the retina and into the far periphery.

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California was designed for medical imaging and is available in three models with multiple imaging modality options to meet the needs and budget of every practice. California produces a 200°, single-capture retinal image of unrivaled clarity in less than a half-second and is changing management of diseases including DR, AMD, and uveitis.

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Monaco combines optomap ultra-widefield technology with SD-OCT creating a fast, convenient, multi-modal imaging tool. Monaco can produce a six-image overview including color images of unrivaled clarity, AF, and OCT of both eyes in as little as 90 seconds.

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Daytona produces a 200° single-capture optomap retinal image of unrivaled clarity in less than a half-second. This fast, easy, patient friendly, ultra-widefield imaging technology was designed for healthy eye screening and has been shown to improve practice flow and patient engagement.

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